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Poly dating sites have been around for ages but they were never given the same level of attention or respect when compared to other types of adult dating sites. Throughout history, polyamory has always been frowned upon by society even though some cultures, especially in the east openly accepted it as a norm. Even though things have changed for the better, there are still large sections of society that rejects it outright as an alternate form of relationship between consenting adults. This has led to millions of people all over the world to engage in non-monogamy relationships discreetly behind closed doors, afraid that the world will know.

This is where we come in. FreePolyDatingSites.com was created to help people interested in poly dating to find the right dating service for their specific needs. We believe in ethical polygamous, open relationships where consenting adults have the right to express their sexuality with each other in any way, shape or form that appeals to them. Some people may be happy spending their whole life with a single partner but that shouldn't take away the freedom of others to be with multiple partners nor should it stigmatize them. Polygamy isn't just about sex after all. It's about sharing, connectivity, support and love all bundled up in a wonderful eye-opening package.

There are a good number of poly dating sites out there today, each with different pros and cons. Some have gazillions of features and millions of members whereas others have a smaller user count but high-quality content and features. Some sites are targeted towards open-minded singles looking for a casual fling while others are for polyamorous singles looking for long term sexual relationships with other couples.

At FreePolyDatingSites.com, We have sifted through the various polyamorous dating sites online to provide you with a list of the top dating services that may help you find your ideal partners efficiently and quickly. In this digital age, we hope to use all the tools in our arsenal to help bring polygamous individuals together and point them towards a happy, sex-filled and fulfilled life. As the number of sites increases, we will be updating our list to ensure that you always have the best relevant information at hand. So, keep coming back to see the top poly dating apps and websites in the world. Until then, good luck with your journey!