PolyamoryDate Review


When it comes to swinging and threesomes for non-monogamy individuals, you won't be able to find a bigger poly dating site than PolyamoryDate.com. You get a good number of features ranging from discreet chats to groups and even blogs to keep you interested in the site as you look for your ideal partners. Similar to other sites on the Friend Finder Networks, the website has a point-based system where users get rewarded for doing certain activities. The collected points can then be redeemed to use various items on the website. It also has a smartphone-optimized platform for Android users in case you want to browse through profiles on the go.

Membership Costs

The gold membership gives you access to all members but free members won't be able to contact you. By going for a gold membership plan with standard contacts you will get full access to all members of the site. This, of course, comes at an added cost.

  • 1 Month - $10.84
  • 3 Months - $21.41
  • 1 Month with Standard Contacts - $13.59
  • 3 Months with Standard Contacts - $28.41


  • Kink Search
  • Search for potential partners through shared kinks to look for people who prefer the same sexual activities as you do. So if you are looking for a couple to swing with, all you have to do is search for members interested in threesomes.

  • Hot or Not
  • This is a quick way to get matched up to other profiles. All you have to do is select "Hot" or "Not" and depending on the other member's answers, you will get matched.

  • Adult Chat Rooms
  • Feeling a bit spicy and want to engage in some playful adult flirting? Then this is the place to go full ham.

  • My Stuff
  • This section is dedicated to managing every aspect of your account such as creating a blog post, managing pictures, friend requests, webcam followers, hotlist and many more.

  • Community
  • You can find blogs, groups, magazines and a sex academy here. All of them are filled with a lot of information about any polyamory questions you may have. It's also a great place to interact with other members.

  • What's Hot
  • This section displays top members and the hottest photos, videos and albums at that particular point in time. It's a great way to see top member profiles and figure out how to make your profile as attractive as theirs.


The information that you fill when signing up for the website is never stored although non-personal, non-identifying data may be collected through third-party analytics. Information pertaining to a location (nonspecific), browser type, device and pages viewed are some of the types of data that will be collected. You can get more details about their privacy policy by visiting the website.


  1. As it is part of Friend Finder Networks, it has a humongous member database.
  2. The interface is quite intuitive and simple to navigate through.
  3. It has great search functionality.
  4. Lots of ways for self-expression such as cams, broadcasting videos, etc.


  1. No app for Android.
  2. The design feels a bit outdated.
  3. Inactive accounts and fake accounts are quite high in number.

Final Verdict

As one of the largest poly dating sites in the market today, PolyamoryDate.com comes with several benefits and some flaws as well. The issues, however, are not particularly linked with any features found in the site itself but due to the large number of members it has. Whenever the pool of members goes very high, the number of fake and inactive accounts also goes up. The positive aspects of this website however far outweigh the negative ones allowing swingers and polyamorous singles to find their ideal partners through a myriad of ways.